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“Like any business, it was a bit difficult at first, but being persistent has helped me a lot. Currently I have 8 people working with me and I can say that my clients are happy with what I pay for their car”. - Owner

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Junk cars can be a huge hassle to deal with. Not only do they cost a fortune to repair, but you also cannot leave them parked on the street for fear of being fined by the city. If you have it parked in your garage, it is more than likely gathering dust and taking up valuable space. 

It could be that you found yourself in a situation where your old daily driver suddenly stopped working and the mechanic tells you that it is going to cost you and arm and a leg to fix. The best things to do in these types of situations is to sell your car to a junk car specialist and get some money out of it. 

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You have nothing to lose!

We buy any type of vehicle, both domestic and foreign. It does not matter if the vehicle is totaled, in running conditions or not, or if you have lost all its documents, we’ll still buy it from you. We’re only interested in giving you a good deal for a car that no longer works or is hindering you.

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Emergency towing

in Los Angeles

If your car broke down, ran out of gas, you left the keys inside, or the battery died, then don’t worry! We are here to help you. Our towing service is available in and around Los Angeles. It does not matter if it is big or small, your emergency is ours too. We change tires, open locked cars, recharge batteries, bring you a gallon of gas, or tow your car to the mechanic shop. We tow any type of sedan, truck, or SUV.

We pick up your call immediately and assist you as soon as possible!

We are your best option for roadside assistance and towing services. Not only do we provide you with immediate assistance and friendly, professional service, but we also offer you affordable prices. We are certain that after your first experience with us, you’ll be pleased with our service that you’ll call us for any future emergencies you may have.

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We tow cars in any condition and take it to your local mechanic or to your home.

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